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Grow customer loyalty and increase repeat business
through unlimited text message marketing!

Never has there been a more powerful and affordable tool to help grow and sustain your business.

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your customers, and the world, has gone mobile. Putting a message into your their hands is practically gold in the communications world. So here is our comprehensive list of text-message services you can use to connect with your customers and get them coming through the door more often.

Send a Text Message to All Your Previous Customers at Once

At the heart of a SMS marketing campaign is the ability to send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers. Send to 1 group or multiple groups at once! Send messages to your customers to announce deals or discounts you want to promote which can bring in massive business. 

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Schedule SMS Promotions and Offers

Kiosk Builder

You'll be able to schedule text messaging to go out automatically daily, weekly, monthly or as far in the future as you'd like. Save yourself time by planning out and scheduling some of the text message announcements like holiday specials and planned offers.

Send Picture Messages

You aren't limited to just text. Easily send out picture messages to your customers and take advantage of what images can do for your business that text can't!

Setup Unlimited Mobile Keywords

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

A keyword is a phrase that makes it easier for customers to subscribe to your text messaging lists. For example, if your business is called Fromage, you can setup mobile keyword and have people text "Fromage" to your phone number to subscribe to your main business list.

I bet you never realized how much text messaging could benefit your business until now...

Setup Autoresponders

An autoresponder is a list of messages that are setup to go out one after the other in specified time intervals. Whenever someone subscribes to an autoresponder, they start receiving messages from the very beginning.

2-Way Customer Communication

Sometimes someone might reply to a mass text with a direct comment or a question of some sort that requires more personal 2-way communication. We provide the ability for you to respond directly to someone using our text messaging platform.

Run two types of contests. The Daily Winner chooses a random winner from a pool of numbers that entered the contest and the Secret Phrase automatically selects the winner based on if they text back the right secret phase. Trivia will never be the same again!

Integrate With Your Facebook

Do you think you'll be reposting many of the text message blasts you send out on Facebook? If so, our platform allows you to integrate with your Facebook so that whenever you send out a text message blast, it automatically posts to your Facebook.

Setup a Website Signup Widget

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Make it easy for your customers and potential customers to sign up for your text message lists straight from your website. Our platform will allow you to create customized sign up forms that can be easily placed directly on your website.

Stop paying for web hosting! When you signup for our service, web hosting is included. We even transfer your website for free!

Send out a personalized birthday wish text message or image to each member on or before their birthday.

View Detailed Campaign Analytics

Forget those archaic and often misplaced paper punch cards. Offer SMS “punch card” loyalty rewards to your customers and build loyalty to your brand to keep customers happy and coming back. No need to download anything, fully functional loyalty program via text messaging.

Improve the response to your text message campaigns by tracking which keywords are performing the best, detailed text message logs, and new subscribers and unsubscribes over a certain period of time.

The digital loyalty kiosk is a cutting edge tool that lets you create an easy to use kiosk display. It provides your on-site customers with a user friendly display – letting them join a mobile club, check-in to a loyalty program, and check their current status.

Run Polls via SMS

Create text-to-vote polls. Feedback from your customers is one of the most important things for a healthy business to have. Use honest feedback to help with the direction and future of your business. We make it super easy with text messaging polling. 

Broadcast on the Go

On the run? No problem. You'll have the ability to send out text campaigns with a simple text message. NO need to login to your account to manage this process. Talk about fast and convenient!

Quick Subscriber Uploads/Exports

Already have a list of phone numbers? You don't have to worry about manually entering all of them. Use our import system to automatically add them into your new system.

Schedule and send out reminders to your customers ensuring that they won't forget about a reservation, appointment, etc.

Segment Your Members into Groups

Segment out your customers into different text message lists so that you can send out targeted text messages. Have a main list for your business, and create as many separate lists as you'd like for things like daily specials, coupons, VIP customers, etc.

SMS to Email - Email to SMS

When someone responds to a text message blast, this starts a 2-way communication and sends the response to your email. From your email you can respond to text messages and they will be sent out as text messages to the responder. This makes it easy to manage communication and to spread out the load.

Run Text Message Contests

Send Automated Birthday Wishes

Setup Reminders

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Easy Contact Management

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Easily manage all of your groups, subscribers, and all of the features mentioned above in your own simple admin control panel.

FREE Website Hosting

QR Code Subscriptions

Generate QR codes as a way to bridge your offline marketing campaign to the online medium. Allow your customers to subscribe to your text message groups by simple scanning a QR code with their phone. You can put them on table tents, your door, or on your menu.

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

SMS Punch Card Loyalty Rewards

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

"Within the first day of using text messaging for our restaurant, it became one of the obvious best marketing tools we have used up to this point. Never have I been able to fill up my restaurant full so quick from just one message. Much better results than we have ever seen with email or through our mobile app."

David Mel - Fromage Restaurant

Setup your business or organization with text messaging today with no risk.

Unlimited Texting $7.95/mo

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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